THSC Services & Industries

The Hospitality Staffing & Consulting Task Force solves management gaps by providing a quick and simple solution. They offer talent deployment services to hotels, resorts, and management companies.

Hotels & Resorts

At THSC, we understand that keeping a hotel running smoothly can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a wide range of services designed to help resolve labor issues, improve quality, and keep hotels ahead of fluctuations in occupancy rates. From contracting labor to outsourcing entire departments, to providing hospitality services, THSC can help you focus on guest satisfaction.


THSC provides restaurants with flexible staffing solutions to help them overcome challenges and prepare for the future. Our contract labor options give restaurants the ability to directly hire employees, as well as outsource entire departments. This allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each restaurant.


Medical facilities are some of the biggest employers of housekeeping, hospitality and food and beverage staff. These facilities face daily challenges in meeting patients’ expectations for cleanliness and safety. The ongoing battle against COVID-19 outbreaks has made medical facilities even more focused on cleanliness and safety.

Senior Living Facilities

We are passionate about offering hospital staffing solutions which include recruitment, screening and placement of qualified staff. We offer an array of services which include nursing home housekeeping, assisted living staffing and senior living food service. We will provide you with the best possible

Light Industrial

We have the perfect blend of light industrial staff to guarantee success for your company. Whether you need to meet peak demand, ramp up production, or hire permanent staff, we can put together a winning team that will get the job done. With our experience in a wide range of industries, we are confident we can find the right solution for you.

College & University Staffing

The extensive experience of THSC in the hospitality industry makes us the perfect partner for staffing college and university. As educational institutions strive to provide better quality services, our expertise from working with some of the biggest, well-known brands in hospitality is able to offer.

Stadiums and Event Venues

Maintaining cleanliness in event venues and stadiums is key to providing a satisfactory experience for attendees. It is also crucial for preparing a facility efficiently for the next event.


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